This is where I know exactly what you're thinking

You totally do want to be that coworker.

I know it. You know it.

You might be thinking you’d love to be less bloated and have clearer skin. You’re ready to be balanced, healthier, happier, and calmer.

But you are firmly planted in the corporate craziness that is boardroom strategy sessions, coffee breaks, and budget cuts. Ain’t nobody got time for workout sessions, breathing breaks, or junk food cuts. 

Well, my friend, I’m here to tell you that it is possible to be healthy and do the hustle (not the dance, the nine to five).


This is where I tell you my awesome story

I’m Tracie Kendziora, and — as you might have guessed — I was totally THAT coworker with empty jars on my desk, smelling of patchouli, and bringing home-made smoothies to meetings. 

And now I work with crazy busy working women who don’t want to feel crazy about food. The ones who can’t quite figure out how to balance their work and their wellness, who desperately want to move more while moving up, who are totally ready to make their wellness work while they work.


Sure, I’m a certified holistic health coach.

But — more importantly — I’ve been in the trenches. For 10+ years, I sat at a desk in a dimly lit office with no view to the outside. Leftover catered lunches were the highlight of my day. No joke.

My life was filled with more fast food than real food, more booze-filled date nights than Medjool dates, and more loaded baked potatoes than oven-roasted sweet potatoes.

Oh, and I’ve overcome some disordered eating and a not-so-fun sampling of digestive issues that consumed my life.


Have you ever obsessively input every last morsel into that calorie tracker, logged every mile you’ve run, and then anxiously realized you didn’t have enough calories left for dinner?

Been there.

Have you ever barged into a gas station and demanded the bathroom key because…it’s happening?

Me too.


Has your digestive system been fizzing and gurgling, and doubling in size no matter what you eat?

I’ve got sweatpants for that. (P.S. It’s stress.)

Have you ever walked by that cookie platter in the break room and suffered a willpower meltdown or quickly loaded up a plate of leftover pizza and hid it at your desk…just in case you had to work late? (Or just in case you didn’t plan on making dinner later?)

Raises hand.


I was tired of feeling like shit.

Tired of being tired.

Tired of going to the beach and feeling bashful about my bloated belly. 

Tired of breaking out all the time, especially right before a big date or a big meeting at work. (Why?!?!)

And tired of working my ass off for someone else while my ass got fatter.

So I decided to do something about it.


I started small by cleaning up my diet. Out with the processed crap! ‘Cuz you know what they say…Processed crap on the lips, a lifetime on the hips…?

And I found out that eating real, whole foods, and lots and lots of plants, is life changing. 

It allowed me to shake off my inner control freak. I eat all the food I want when I want without analyzing the macronutrients. I don’t need to map out all the bathroom locations within a one-mile radius. I rock my skinny jeans and my yoga pants with reckless abandon.

Then, I worked in working out. Running, yoga, strength training. 

Believe me when I tell you it’s totally doable. I trained for two half-marathons while working 40+ hours a week. And, yes, I crossed the finish line. Both times.

damn good.png

But it still wasn’t enough. After a lot of soul searching (and hashing it out with my own health coach…because we ALL need some accountability), I realized I was missing a critical piece of the puzzle: passion.

I hated my job. Not in the way everyone says they hate their jobs. Like, crying-in-the-bathroom-on-a-random-Tuesday-afternoon hated my job. Like so-depressed-I-can’t-get-out-of-bed hated my job.

I decided to take the passion I’d found working on me and put it to work for other people.

I wanted other people to know that you can be the boss of your diet while being a total badass boss in the office.


So I became a certified health coach so I can teach you how to look and feel totally AH-MAZING, too. 

Now that I’m not busy counting my calories and running bathroom interference, I spend my time training for half marathons, down-dogging, and making a mess in the kitchen. And loving every second.

Want to know even more?


Here are seven totally random fun facts:

  1. Seven is my favorite number; hence, the seven fun facts and not five or ten.
  2. I have a stuffed hippo named Hippo. He’s got friends named New Hippo and Squishy.
  3. I pretend to be a surfer, but I’m much better on the boogie board.
  4. Even though I’m only 5’4” I was an All-Metro volleyball player (I was a defensive specialist). I have the scars, and tendon and ligament damage to prove it.
  5. I talk to animals. Not in a commune-with-the-spirits kind of way but more like a hey-I-want-to-be-your-friend kind of way.
  6. I drive a stick shift. Have been since I was 17 and always try to find the clutch when I drive a rental car.
  7. I am terrified of bees, and I’ve never been stung. I literally run away in sheer terror.

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