It’s a smoothie recipe to start off your week!

Don’t look at me like that. Smoothies are easy, delicious, and portable. And you could probably use some more fruits and veggies, especially as the warmer months roll around.

We’re wired to eat lighter foods like salads, smoothies, and cold soups during the warmer months. When the weather starts to get nice and hot, we usually don’t feel as hungry because our bodies don’t have to work as hard to stay alive. Or keep warm. 

And you sweat more in the spring and summer, so your body is looking for some nice juicy food to rehydrate. 

I mean, who wants a big bowl of chili during the dog days of July when they can have a gigantic fruit salad instead?

No one takes stew to the beach.

So what’s an easy way to get a handle on those cravings? For the fruits and veggies, not the stew.

You guessed it. A smoothie.

This smoothie just so happens to have a special surprise, too.

No, it doesn’t come with a toy or a winning lottery ticket.

(Why would I give you a winning lottery ticket? I would totally keep that money for myself.)

It’s energy. In the form of maca, that is.

Forget energy drinks and coffee and whatever else the kids use for a quick jolt these days.

Maca is where it’s at. The adaptogenic superfood has been used for thousands of years to boost energy and metabolism, balance hormones, support immunity, and increase mood and focus. And it’s kind of an aphrodisiac and a beauty food. No big deal.

Plus, it’s totally all natural and grown mostly in Peru, so you know it’s legit.

Now, I’ve only ever had a couple sips of coffee. But, from what I understand, people swear by coffee for a good, swift kick in the ass so they don’t fall asleep at their desks in the post-lunch hours. 

But it makes them shake like they’ve got tremors. Not the giant underground worm kind either. Although, I’m not sure which is better in this case?

Maca gives you that same feeling of increased energy without the jitters you might get from your caffeine fix. Some people even like to take maca before working out, and athletes use it for peak performance. 

Want to come on down to maca town?

Hint: This smoothie recipe is a great way to start. It makes two servings, so you can save it all for yourself, like I would with my lottery winnings, or you can be nice and share. It’s up to you.

PB&J Surprise Smoothie_Recipe.png