Or, you know, Fourth of July. I guess that's happening around now, too.

You know how you get an invite to a picnic and you’re kind of not excited to go? Especially if it’s a company affair.

But you bust out your lady balls, stop whining, and just go.

And then you arrive, and it’s all hot dogs and cheeseburgers and sausage and chicken wings.

And it kind of reinforces why you didn’t want to go anyway?

So you sit quietly, starving, trying to ignore the rumblings in your tummy, trying not to smell the smell of animals on the grill, trying to ignore your attention-whore coworker telling the same joke he’s told a hundred times before, trying to will it to just be over already.

Yeah, sometimes gatherings aren’t so good for us non-meat eaters.

Easy solution: Bring your own damn dish! (Remember those lady balls from earlier?) And maybe not share if you’re feeling vengeful.

Here’s a curated collection of some picnic staples (plant-based, of course) that you could waltz in with and munch happily on, knowing you won’t go hungry or resort to eating that suspicious-looking casserole.

Finger Foods

There’s probably a bag or two of greasy potato chips scattered about, but these rosemary and garlic purple potato chips are so not greasy. And definitely yummy.

Sweet potato fries might not be your typical picnic fare, but paired with a homemade BBQ sauce, they seem pretty appropriate to me.

These balsamic dates stuffed with chive cashew cream cheese are a cross between dessert and appetizer…so eat them for both!


Dip those tortilla chips into this avocado cucumber salsa verde and just try not to polish off all the green goodness by yourself.

Chips, veggies, fingers…nothing escapes a dip in the hummus, especially this amazing chipotle black bean hummus.

No dip spread is complete without guacamole and, even though you probably don’t need a recipe, I present this five-ingredient perfect guacamole for consideration.

Fruit Salads

I like my fruit salads simple. If you do, too, try this simple raw flax fruit salad. You can easily double or triple the recipe if you feel like sharing.

For a boost of energy to get through all the small talk, this summer fruit salad with matcha ginger vinaigrette is perfect for picnic time or anytime really.

This summertime fruit salad recipe has all your summer favorites in one place, plus some fresh herbs to kick things up a notch.

Green Salads

This quinoa salad with golden tahini dressing is hearty and green. Not to mention easy and quick to prepare and full of nutrition in every bite.

Summer salads should be bright and simple, and this fresh summer salad with creamy avocado basil dressing is no exception.

An easily customizable black bean taco salad, this recipe checks all the right boxes: quick, simple, and packed with flavor.

Grilled Goodies

Ever tried grilled fruit before? One look at these grilled fruit skewers, and I’m willing to bet you’ll be a lifelong devotee.

Instead of hot dogs, toss these smoky barbecue carrot dogs on the grill. Top them with the creamy chickpea salad to make those dogs slathered in ketchup damn jealous.

Portobello mushrooms are an excellent meaty substitute, and these portobello mushroom sandwiches with basil aioli are where it’s at.

Potato Salad

This vegan pesto potato salad is so green, I just can’t even. Plus, it’s easy to make, light on the oil, and full of fresh basil, if that’s your jam.

A scrummy-looking no mayo potato salad with basil vinaigrette is the perfect option for anyone who hates the taste of mayo (even the plant-based kind).

Okay, so this roasted potato salad is green, too, but in a totally-different-no-less-delicious way, thanks to avocado and cilantro.


Raspberry ripple chocolate raw cheesecake bars…need I say more? Okay, fine, it’s easy to make and refined sugar-free. Must eat now.

Regular ol’ boxed brownie batter doesn’t stand a chance again these cherry hemp raw brownies. Chocolate and cherries - what’s not to love?

No picnic or party or life really is complete without cupcakes, especially these healthy Funfetti cupcakes. Throwing it back to childhood!


Healthy(ish) drinks do exist! I need this boozy watermelon slushy in my blender now, and you need to take it to your shindig.

Frozen drinks are a party-time staple, boozy or not, so take these frozen honeydew daiquiris along for the ride. They probably won’t last long though…

For the winos among us, here’s a summer sangria recipe that’s loaded with fruit and, of course, wine. Oh, and some brandy. Enjoy.

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