Your outside-of-work routine is on fleek. (Sorry, I couldn’t help it.)

You meditate for ten minutes before you even get out of bed.

You take your vitamins and supplements. You and ashwaganda are on a first-name basis.

Your morning smoothie is non-negotiable.

You do calf raises and squats while you’re brushing your teeth.

You listen to thoughtful and inspiring podcasts on your commute.

You hit the gym after work, head out for a quick run, or hit the yoga mat instead of happy hour.

You whip up a superfood-laden salad for dinner.

You shut down the electronics two hours before bed and unwind with a good book or maybe a nice lavender-infused bath.

You go to bed at the same time every night and get your recommended 8 hours, sleeping like a baby through the night.

(Holy shit, you’re freaking amazing! Fist bump! Also, who are you? We must study you…for scientific purposes…)

But even the best laid plans get a little wonky when you’re working in an office, am I right?

There’s catered lunches, leftover chips and salsa in the break room, birthday celebrations like every day, and gift baskets galore.

Here are five ways you might be sabotaging all that healthiness while you’re working your life away in that dimly lit four-wall hellhole you call the office - without even knowing it.

Eating while you work.

Instead of whistling while you work, you’re eating while you work. And it’s not doing you any favors.

Lunchtime meetings, lunches out with the boss to discuss your performance review, lunches eaten at your desk because you want to leave 15 minutes early but somehow still end up leaving 15 minutes late…

When you’re eating at your desk and trying to power through that presentation that’s due tomorrow morning, you’re seriously distracted. And that means you’re not tuned in to your body’s cries: “Help! We’re full! We can’t take any more down here!”

You might be eating more than you need to or think you are.

And because you’re eating when your mind is somewhere else you could miss your body’s satiety signal somewhere between a computer crash that resulted in two hours of lost work and spilling water all over your keyboard.

Not to mention how you could end up eating more later in the day.

Grabbing a chocolate from the receptionist’s desk and the accountant’s and the marketing manager’s…

Did you know that, when people start keeping a food diary, they realize they’re really eating way more than they think?

It’s like you’re pretty sure you just took one piece of chocolate from the candy dish. But it turns out every time you walk by one, something new catches your eye.

I’m not one to preach calorie counting buuuuut…that stuff adds up. You could be eating 300 or more extra calories! And chances are it’s not that high-quality dark chocolate you know I love. 

In other words, it’s loaded with calories and sugar and probably some unpronounceable ingredients you didn’t even register eating.

Going out to lunch every day.

It happens.

You forget your lunch, you don’t have enough food to last you through the day, you want any excuse to get out of the office because your boss is driving you crazy with the phone calls every 15 minutes and he’s blowing up your desk phone and your cell phone and there are 27 unread messages from him in your inbox and five voicemails.

But it really shouldn’t happen every day. The going out to lunch AND the boss business.

You don’t need me to tell you that most restaurant food isn’t exactly the healthiest food.

Yes, there are salads and vegetables, and healthier restaurants popping up all over the place. And you can do a pretty damn good job eating pretty clean when eating out these days.

But let’s be real. Even if you’re ordering that veggie burger, it’s sort of a calorie and fat bomb.

I’ve been fooled by this, too. You’re in good company. A place-that-shall-not-be-named has a veggie burger on the menu with more than double the calories of a meat patty! And you’ve seen all those salad exposés, right?

The shock, the horror, the mystery ingredients! (Talk about mystery meat!)

Point being: You’re tacking on a lot of extra calories and less-than-desirable macros when you’re going out to lunch every single day like it’s some sort of work-in-an-office prerequisite. 

Never getting up from your desk.

By now, you’ve heard that sitting is the new smoking.

Eventually, we’ll have a Surgeon General’s warning on office chairs and Truth commercials about the real cost of parking your ass in the same spot for hours on end.

There’s about a bajillion studies out there showing a link between sitting for too many hours a day and higher risks for diabetes, heart disease, obesity, back pain, depression, anxiety, and cancer.

Ouch. Tough to hear when you’re pretty much required to stay chained to your chair most of the day except for your assigned lavatory time.

Oh, and that tech neck and those hunched shoulders you’re sporting? Yeah, you’re slouching in that fancy chair. Poor posture doesn’t look so good on you.

Relying on vending machines and handouts.

When trying to eat clean in your cubicle, you’ve kinda gotta adopt the Boy Scouts motto: Be prepared.

And when you’re window shopping the vending machine and trolling the break room (kind of like when a coworker quits and leaves a much-coveted headset behind and you want that thing real bad but you don’t want to be the first one to raid the cube so you kind of nonchalantly walk back and forth the entire day…) you’ve definitely failed the mission.

Most vending machines are still stocked like it’s the 1880s and everyone just discovered candy bars. 

Good-for-you food is few and far between.

And unless you work at Whole Foods, Navitas, ALOHA, or Honest Tea, the leftovers you’re jostling for in the break room probably came from the BBQ joint or the sandwich shop down the street.

The nutrition’s probably not up to snuff. And you know you’re not doing your blood sugar any favors by waiting around until that 1 o’clock meeting finally ends and the leftovers show up in the kitchen, riiiiight?

Now that you know some things that are tripping you up, grab the handout below to find out some Quick Fixes!

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