Happy Labor Day, friend!

I hope you’re somewhere lounging and not laboring, soaking up the quote unquote last weekend of summer.

Me, I’m enjoying a smoothie oceanside. 

Because it’s no secret I like (okay, love) smoothies.

And nut butter.

And chocolate (cacao, if you want to get technical).

I’ll drink smoothies anywhere. At home, in the car, in a meeting, on a plane, at the beach…

If you’re doing it right, a smoothie is a perfectly portable, perfectly plant-packed, perfectly protein-rich, perfectly perfect not to mention epic way to get in a whack ton of nutrition.

Today’s smoothie, the Monkey With a Mean Right Punch, is no exception.

(Alternate name: the Four Cs and a G Smoothie.)

We’re talking fruits and veggies. Vitamins and minerals. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Fat and fiber. All the good stuff you want and need to keep you up and running.

Especially now that it’s back to work (or school) and you actually need to buckle down and do some work. 

It’s got:

  • Cacao, a hefty dose of chocolate-y goodness that’s a heavy hitter when it comes to boosting your mood, which is apropos when you’re back to work after a long weekend. (At least the holiday season is coming soon…) Oh, and it’s a ridiculous source of antioxidants - it’s got more than blueberries!
  • Cauliflower, a creamy addition that's also a fab source of Vitamin C, perfect when everyone’s back in the office with all their germs in tow. Don’t worry - you won’t taste it, but you will get plenty of vitamins, fiber, omega 3s, magnesium, potassium, and protein. And to think you (and every kid on the planet ever) used to hate cauliflower.
  • Chia seeds, a superfood among superfoods known for packing in the fiber, omega 3s, and protein. Chia seeds are good for your skin and your digestion, and can even boost your metabolism so you burn more fat. Yep, put these bad boys in everything.
  • Cinnamon, a superfood spice if that’s even a thing, which I think it should be, that not only tastes bomb but is also amazing for your metabolism, blood sugar, digestion, and immunity. It’s rich in antioxidants, it’s anti-inflammatory, and a little goes a long way.
  • Ginger, a fab flavor that’s - you guessed it - an antioxidant that’s also anti-inflammatory. Ginger can help with muscle soreness (for when your ass gets sore from sitting all day?), keep your blood sugar on an even keel, keep your immune system strong, and improve your digestion.

Blended with the Powered-Up Protein Chocolate Mylk, this smoothie’s got 20+ grams of plant protein. It’s a satisfying smoothie meal I’ll be coming back to for sure.

Blend it up post workout. Or when you need a little immunity boost. Or when you’re feeling a little down or achy. 

The Monkey With a Mean Right Punch will kick your ass back to health.   

Monkey With a Mean Right Punch_Recipe.png

I hope you enjoyed this smoothie and it totally helped KO any of your blues, sniffles, and tummy troubles. If you downed it like a prize fighter drops her competition, please let me know. 

And enjoy this week’s freebie - a super-easy-to-print recipe, along with a teeny tiny sneak peak into what actually (literally?) goes into my food! 

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