I thought of you when I was reading/doing some research earlier today.

I mean, I think of you often because, as Chicago says, you’re the meaning in my life, you’re the inspiration…

Also, I’d be a weirdo who writes “you” a lot when it’s really just “me” reading what I’m writing to “you.”

So, there I was, sitting in front of the computer studying up on fruit-less and low-sugar smoothies (more on that another time), when I found myself knee-deep in a diatribe against snacking and how, if you’re eating the right way (whatever that means) you should only be having three square meals a day and how snacking is akin to taking all the credit when it was really your arch rival who came up with that idea that saved your company millions of dollars.

A little bit of paraphrasing of course, but you get the point, yes?

Let me just say there are always two sides to every story (like that time you busted into a meeting because you were told there were free cookies up for grabs but it turns out the meeting was still happening and everyone stared at you in disbelief and you literally got chased out of the conference room) and, as you know, I firmly believe you gotta find what works for you.

And, if that’s snacking, so be it. Ain’t no shame in a snacking game.

But it got me thinking…you’re probably super confused about this. I mean, you read one blog post that promises kale is a superfood that should be consumed every damn day and another article that argues kale is not much better than that sad, sad iceberg lettuce. Who the hell can you trust?

I’ll tell you who.



No one knows what’s better for you and your body than you. Because you live in it every day. And you feel how it reacts when you eat something good for you and when you eat something not so good for you.

You get a front row seat to your body’s hatred of bananas (I’m so sorry) and its love of all things sweet (damn that sweet tooth to heck).

You know how you feel when you don’t get enough sleep. You know how much stress is too much stress. You know when you’ve pushed your body too far at the gym. (Or maybe not far enough, eh? No, I’m not Canadian, but my boyfriend insists I practically am.)

Sure, it takes time and practice to learn to speak your body’s language. And maybe it’s a lifelong quest to understand its squelches and burps, its toots and gurgles, its groans and creaks.

But you can’t really rely on anyone else to tell you what’s best for you. 

So, with that in mind and bringing it back to snacking (naturally), today, I’m going to share with you three practical, totally actionable tips for dealing with snacking and snacking setbacks in the office.

#1 Stress snacking is no joke.

If you’re an emotional eater (so, you know, most of us) and you’re in the office where tensions are high and stress is serious and there’s six boxes of donuts in the kitchen, shit’s about to go down.

Before you double fist those donuts, ask yourself if you’re really hungry or if you’re just stressed out or bored or tired.

If you’re thinking your emotions are in control, step away from the food. Go for a walk, get some fresh air, breathe, my friend.

Or maybe you’re just thirsty. Try drinking some water, because we’ve got this nasty habit of confusing hunger and thirst. 

And, if you come back from your lap around the office or parking lot and you had some water and you’re still feeling hungry, you could actually be hungry.

So grab a snack. Preferably not the donuts and a healthy one you’ve stashed in your desk.

#2: Patience is not a virtue you aspire to.

You came prepared. Your desk drawers are stocked, and your lunch bag is loaded up with all the goods.

And, damn, everything is starting to look real good around 10 o’clock.

Must resist. Can’t resist. 

I know this struggle all too well. You read about me and the cheese sticks, right?

First thing’s first: You actually hungry or just looking for a distraction?

If you’re actually hungry, snack on, my friend. But…what if you don’t have a second snack lined up for the afternoon (and your desk isn’t stocked)?

Try eating half of your snack and pay really, really close attention to when you’re feeling full.

And, if it’s just one of those days, when you’re feeling kinda ravenous and you do end up eating all your snacks in the morning and you don’t have another snack for the afternoon?

Try eating half of your lunch at lunchtime and save the other half for the afternoon. That way, you aren’t going too long without eating, and you’re still fueling yourself throughout the day.

#3: If you see it, you will eat it.

You know how healthy eating experts will tell you not to keep certain foods in the house? Like, if you know you’re going to plow through that whole bag of chips, it’s probably better not to have them nearby?

Temptation’s a bitch.

The same thing goes for those snacks.

If you’ve got a tendency to snack when you’re bored or anxious or stressed or overwhelmed (work just brings up so many fun emotions!) and you just know you’re going to keep going back to that drawer and grabbing handful after handful of nuts or popcorn because it’s there, you might be better served by bringing your snacks every day rather than stocking a doomsday supply of snacks.

You should still keep emergency supplies for those times when you’re gifted with some unexpected overtime or you forgot your lunch or armageddon finally happens.

But being really conscientious to only eat what you’ve brought for the day and only eating when you’re hungry can help cut down on any stress snacking.

I swore by this strategy when I was working in the office.

If you’re the type who’s easily swayed by the sweets, it can be really helpful to keep snacks at your desk. So when you’re having a staring contest with a cupcake, you can just reach into your desk drawer and grab a handful of trail mix to stave off those sugar cravings.

Just so we’re clear…you have to find what works for you when it comes to keeping snacks at your desk or bringing them every day. 

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