Can I tell you something?

I was never super in to Halloween.

The last time I did anything remotely Halloween-related was oooh and ahhh over some cute ghost and pumpkin decorations at the store.

Before that, I threw together a haphazard costume for a last-minute party.

I stopped dressing up when I was still in the single digits. I attempted to go trick or treating with my friends in grade school, but people give you some serious stank eye when you’re not dressed up and are obviously just there for the candy.

And I’m so not here for the excuse to wear a skanky Halloween costume.

I haven’t passed out candy in years. I’ve been let down time and time again. I used to enthusiastically buy bags of candy, get my skull bowl ready, leave the light on, and….crickets. Not cute kids dressed as crickets but, you know, silence. 

No one needs all that leftover candy.

I did make some adorable bat guacamole (not guano) a couple years ago. That was fun. And delicious. 

But I just can’t seem to get myself into the holiday.

Nevertheless, I love seeing all the decorations and getting wistful about when I used to eat Halloween candy (peanut butter pumpkins, call me…) and grinning like an idiot at the cuteness overload that is babies in costumes. Not to mention dogs in costumes.

And, of course, all the spooky and creepy and cute and weird Halloween food. 

So whatever your Halloween situation this year, I’ve got you covered with a collection of Halloween-appropriate recipes.

For a Party

Headed to a party and don’t want to show up empty handed? Even if your costume doesn’t include hands? (I’m thinking sheet ghost. Because even Mr. Hankey has hands.)

How cute are these Chocolate Halloween Spiders? And they’re only made with three ingredients, minus that creepy cyclops eye. Perfect for plopping on the table amid the plastic spider decorations.

If you’re looking for something a little more savory but still kinda spooky, these Stuffed Mushroom Eyeballs might do the trick. And check out those creepy (and totally creative) sun-dried tomato veins.

No party is complete without some sort of beverage, so why not make it an adult beverage like these Devil’s Margaritas? The colors are very Halloween-y, and you might need a drink to forget that you saw a very grown up person dressed as a baby, complete with pacifier and diaper.

Nothing says Halloween like chocolate mousse cups. No, seriously, these Nakd Graveyard Mousse Pots complete with tombstone cookies will make a nice little cemetery scene on the food table. 

For me, Halloween just isn’t the same without some chocolate peanut butter cups. (Neither is life, but I digress.) And these Bloody Cups are complete with a pretty gory-looking raspberry jam that’s seriously the perfect finishing touch.

For Your Friends

Maybe you’re the lame friend who wants to stay home and watch scary movies or pass out candy (hi, that would be me). You too?!? Use these treats to tempt your friends into hanging out with you. 

This 4-Ingredient Healthy Snickers recipe is perfect when one of your friends gets a little…hangry and turns into some sort of zombie. Offer them one of these bars to shut them up. The chewiness will keep them busy for a while.

While these Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Squares aren’t in the shape of a ghost or goblin, they still look pretty delicious and perfect for sharing. Besides, you can’t go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate.

I didn’t know that popcorn balls were a Halloween thing. Apparently, they are so why not make these Cinnamon Bun Popcorn Balls? Bonus: They’ve got that magic ingredient, coconut butter.

I used to love dirt pudding cups. The gummy worms? Not so much. Luckily, you can make these Worm and Dirt Pudding Cups with or without the creepy crawly worms and relive all your childhood memories.

These Coconut Twix Bars are so good I may have eaten them all myself once. But if you’re feeling generous, they’re shareable, and they’re pretty easy to make. And they’re actually pretty good for you, too.

For You

Okay, if you’re anything like me and kind of prefer to be away from all the Halloween hubbub, I’ve got some eat-alone-on-your-couch-in-the-dark options for you. Winning.

All I can hear when I see the name of these Tahini Bon Bons is that scene in Bring It On…Well, you can feed yourself bon bons all night. 

I’m not sorry that there are multiple chocolate nut butter cups on this recipe roundup. And I’m definitely not sorry these Salted Sun Butter Cups are made with sunflower seed butter. 

It’s definitely not a secret that I love smoothies so when I saw this Vanilla Sweet Potato & Chocolate Layered Protein Smoothie, I knew it needed to be on this list. I can just imagine myself blending this baby up and very messily making those layers…

Snack balls! These Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Balls are the perfect bite for Halloween (or fall because…pumpkin).  

One time, I tried to make banana ghosts. It didn’t go so well, but these Boogles with Vegan Maple Cinnamon Scream Cheese look like they could be my next ghost-related food venture.

For Your Coworkers Who Hate Healthy Food

If you’re headed to work this Halloween (and, let’s be honest, most of us are because it’s a Tuesday and we’re adults), tote along some fun healthy treats and trick your coworkers into eating yummy vegan food.

Candied apples and I were never friends, but I could learn to love these Caramel Candy Apples. And the main ingredient is fruit! (Obvs.) But there’s another hidden veggie in there that no one will ever suspect. Insert evil laugh here.

Okay, one of the easiest ways to get people to eat something is make it look so weird that they’re so intrigued they’ll spend the rest of their lives wondering what it was. Slight exaggeration, but I think this Spooky Black Bread might turn some heads.

Cupcakes are practically irresistible, especially when it’s as cute as these Vegan Halloween Cupcake Monsters. Your coworkers will have no idea that purple frosting is actually made from a vegetable!

You might need a bit of a steady hand (and some patience) for the Chocolate Peanut Butter Spiderweb Brownies (I know I would), but the fudgy-ness and the plant-based-ness are so totally worth it.

These Vegan Sweet Potato Donuts are so adorable I can’t even. These things will win over even the stodgiest of coworkers. And they won’t even realize they’re eating a healthy donut made from a vegetable. Is there anything sweet potatoes can’t do?

All right, friend, I hope you have an amazing Halloween! And, if you feel like you’ve overindulged on all the goodies, call me. Seriously. I’d love to help you get back on track. To sweeten the pot? (Pun totally intended.) A super-sweet discount! Subscribe to the newsletter below, and I’ll send you a super-secret coupon code. Shhh! And a two-day meal plan for that whole back-on-track thing.