Do you ever open your fridge and look woefully at the leftovers? Like, what the hell am I gonna do with THAT?

And then feel kind of guilty as you shamefully chuck it - contents AND container - into the garbage can because you just can’t deal with it?

Leftovers are your friend, my friend. Especially when you’re crazy busy. Learn to love those leftovers. They make great lunches and dinners, even smoothie additions. 

You know what else they make? Excellent snack ball additions!

It had been a few weeks since I cleaned out my fridge when I came across a Tupperware tub of shredded carrots. 

Honestly, my first instinct was to toss them. I ignored all reason (you could totally just put those on top of the next salad you make, you could totally just put those in the next smoothie you make, you could totally just eat those raw…)

But then I remembered they were less than a week old, and that was just wasteful. Those carrots didn’t do anything to anyone except serve as a delicious sandwich topping.

I had already been planning to work on a new snack ball recipe and I thought, “Hmm, I wonder if I can sneak these into some snack balls?”

I sort of became a woman possessed after rescuing the carrots. I found a half-empty bag of prunes in the pantry (wait! don’t leave!) and a container of sunflower seeds that had been shoved to the side.

I decided these were going to be like everything-but-the-kitchen-sink snack balls. Must-gos snack balls. Let’s-see-how-many-weird-things-I-can-hide-in-here-and-still-get-the-boyfriend-to-eat snack balls.

So I set to work.

I had to hide my secret ingredients a time or two when my mad scientist-ing was interrupted unannounced, so if you’re making these for someone (significant other, unsuspecting coworkers or children, perhaps) and trying to hide the veggies, I’d suggest you do the same. 

Toss a nonchalant kitchen towel over the scene of the crime, perhaps?

When it was all said and done, I had a boyfriend-approved snack ball. There was something different in there, he posited, but he couldn’t quite figure it out. 

And that is the sign of success, of leftover veggies successfully hidden.

Here’s what you need to know. These snack balls are made with:

  • Sunflower seeds, which I’ve been using more and more these days as I try to be creative with almond- and cashew-free recipes. Not only do they make an excellent nut stunt double. but sunflower seeds are also full of healthy fats, fiber, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. 
  • Hemp seeds, which are also a most excellent source of health fats, plant protein, and minerals. 
  • Shredded carrots, which are packed with beta-carotene (gives it that orange color, don’t you know) and fiber, plus a ton of vitamins and minerals like potassium and iron. Oh, and turns out they are good for your eyes, as well as your blood pressure, digestion, and immune system.
  • Prunes, which, yes, are good for finding…relief, are also good for other stuff, too, like your eyes, your bones, your heart, your hair, and your skin. And they’re antioxidant rich and full of vitamin K, B vitamins, calcium, and potassium.

You also need to know that the healthiness is practically undetectable.

So let’s clean out your cupboards and pretty up that overstuffed pantry - time to make some Surprisingly Veggie-licious Snack Balls.

Surprisingly Veggie-Licious Snack Balls_Recipe.png

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