Big news!

I’m excited to announce The Healthy Snacking Challenge. Starting January 1, I’m kicking off a free, 14-day challenge that’s all about them healthy snacks, and I, of course, want you to join in.

It’s going to be an action-packed couple of weeks filled with healthy snacks, recipes, a meal plan, and more! 

If you’ve known me for even a hot second, you’ll know snacks are kind of my thing. That and helping you eat cleaner in your cubicle.

Healthy snacks can help you keep your blood sugar balanced, keep your metabolism moving,  up your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, keep you focused, and keep you from dozing off at work.

If all that sounds like the way you wanna kick off the New Year (you know, on the right foot with all that health-type stuff because New Year's resolutions and all…) and you want it to be fun and easy, sign up below.

Also, in case you need any extra incentive, there *might* be a prize. Just sayin’.

Snack on, my friend!