It’s been a while since we’ve talked about working out around here.

Now seems like an excellent time since that New Year’s resolution to workout four times a week is already losing momentum.

You’ve probably noticed there are more and more open treadmills at the gym. That you don’t have to wait ten minutes for a parking space. That there are fewer grunts coming from the free weights section.

And, no, I’m not going to berate you like some military-style personal trainer or shame you like some pumped up beefcake who makes bench pressing 300 pounds look easy.

I’m going to offer you practical advice, of course. The kind of advice that you can actually implement that might make fitting in a workout a little easier, especially if you’re trying to fit in a workout while you’re at work.

So here are some tips on how to do a quick change to fit in a workout on your lunch break.

Keep sneakers and socks in your drawer.

Having a pair of sneakers to change into makes fitting in a power walk that much easier.

If they’re always on hand, you can easily slip them on and go for a quick walk on your break or at lunchtime.

You can also change into them to do some strength training moves right in your cube or office. Because how embarrassing would it be if you twisted your ankle trying to do pistol squats in four-inch heels?

Time investment? Less than two minutes. 

Slip some shorts on under your skirt.

I like to wear dresses. Not because I’m girly like that but because they’re super easy to throw on and go, and about a billion times more comfortable than an ill-fitting pair of pants.

A while ago, I was seeing a chiropractor on my lunch break. Nine times out of ten (the tenth being a Friday when I was allowed to wear jeans to work…also, I didn’t actually go ten times) I was wearing a dress. 

She would always ask me if I had shorts on underneath my dress. Of course not. I stopped doing that in eighth grade.

But what an ingenious quick change, right? 

Slip some shorts on under your skirt or dress and feel free to squat and jump and do leg presses and any other potentially lady-part-exposing exercise your heart desires.

It’ll only take about 10 seconds.

Bring along a towel.

Another tip I picked up from my chiropractor? (Woman was a fountain of knowledge, I tell ya.)

Towels are your friend.

When I walked in wearing a dress, she would drape a towel over my skirted ass so she could yank my leg all over the place without me flashing anyone.

I was totally wearing tights (I could only survive in the subzero office temps by wearing thick, fleece-lined tights), by the way, but the consideration for my modesty was much appreciated.

If you forgot your shorts, really just kinda don’t want to change, or want to save even more time, why not just bring a towel along and use it as a cover up?

This solution takes about five seconds — you just gotta remember to bring that towel.

Just change your shirt.

Maybe it’s arm day, and you have no plans to work out any leg muscle, other than walking from one machine to the next.

I’ve got you. Just change your shirt.

Because button downs and silk aren’t really the best workout gear. I mean, they gap in all the wrong places, they show sweat like it’s their job, and they’re not exactly giving you plenty of room to flex those burgeoning biceps.

Swap out your work shirt for a workout shirt - one minute tops, depending on how many buttons, bows, and bells and whistles your shirt has.

Wear your active wear to work.

This one might be a bit of a stretch, depending on your work environment.

But wearing your workout clothes not only makes getting to your workout quicker but also makes you more likely to actually work out.

You’ve heard that tip about sleeping in your workout clothes, right?

So maybe you wear some fancy tights (not capris, thanks…although a former coworker of mine would beg to differ, you can’t really make capris look professional), throw on a fancy shirt or sweater, top it with a fancy blazer, wear some snazzy shoes or boots, and no one will even notice those tights.

All you’ve gotta do is get dressed in the morning, even though I know that is sometimes enough of a challenge itself, and strip off those work clothes when you’re ready to hit the gym. Three minutes, tops.

If you don’t live or work in the seventh circle of hell, layer your workout clothes under your work clothes.

I’m pretty sure no office on the face of the earth is too hot. Unless, I guess, the AC is on the fritz. Again.

So consider this tip two-fold: Layer for extra warmth and for time savings.

You could wear some shorts and a tank top (probably some tight ones, obvs, because trying to hide baggy shorts and shirts could get weird fast) as your base layer.

You could try some discrete black tights (there’s only a million the market these days) under your dress or skirt.

Hell, you could even wear some athletic socks under those fleece-lined tights!

Then, it becomes as simple as shedding those outer layers to reveal your workout alter ego and you’re off to the gym in, like, five minutes.

Want more tips? How about some tips on freshening up after that workout without actually having to shower? Yeah, ain’t nobody got time for a workout and a shower. Grab your totally free checklist below