It’s February.

The gym is starting to become a bit of a ghost town. Yesterday, you noticed you didn’t have to elbow that adorable elderly woman out of the way to lay claim to the last open treadmill at 5 a.m.

The line at the salad bar is getting shorter by the day.

And the grocery store isn’t constantly sold out of veggie burgers. (That last one might just be me. I’ve come up empty handed the last two weeks!)

Maybe your resolve is starting to wane a bit, too. Totally get you, my friend. That’s why I think we’re better served to make changes because we want to and it feels right, not because of some arbitrary date on the calendar and because everyone else is doing it. 

Another reason I think we struggle? We try to make such general, broad-sweeping, totally overwhelming changes.

I’m going to eat healthy. (What does that really mean?)

I’m going to get in shape. (Really? When? How? Why?)

I’m going to practice self-care. (Mmhmm. And what does that look like exactly?)

And, as you might recall, I’m so not here for that. It’s all about those tiny tweaks, my friend.

But I am here to help you make small changes that add up and give you all the healthy, happy feels.

We’ve talked before about why you might want to work with a health coach (cough, cough, me), but maybe you’re still not sure what we might work on together.

Today, I present to you seven things (totally not an exhaustive list, by the way…someone recently boldly claimed that I can help with any issue big or small and I’m definitely not going to disagree) a health coach can help you do this year.

Because it’s only February and now is just a good a time as any to make 2018 a kick-ass year.

Simplify meal planning and prepping

Maybe the thought of meal planning makes you think of Weight Watchers. Maybe your idea of meal prepping is ordering an XL pizza and slapping a slice in your Tupperware. Holy shit, you just prepped lunch for the week!

Maybe you’re just busy and the popular spend-four-hours-meal-prepping-on-Sunday idea sounds like sheer torture. So much for #sundayfunday.

Meal planning and prepping doesn’t have to be complicated or super time consuming. A health coach can help you design a strategy that takes you from just thinking about meal planning and prepping to actually doing it. And then you’ll actually be able to eat well no matter how crazy work gets.

Finally understand how food affects you

Ever wonder why, when you’ve gone a whole 14 hours without sugar, you feel like you could knock down your coworker in the parking lot because you thought you heard an ice cream truck?

Or why you have to fight back the urge to eat an entire bag of fun-sized candy bars?

Or why your stomach gets upset even though you totally subbed soy milk for cow’s milk in your morning latte and soy milk is supposed to be better for you?

Just because something is “healthy” doesn’t mean it’s good for you

It can feel like a huge puzzle, piecing together why certain foods make you feel a certain way. And I get it — that’s one jigsaw you are so not willing to tackle. Who the hell has time for an elimination diet, a food journal, and a job?

A health coach can help you with that elimination diet, interpret that food journal, and offer that outside perspective that will have you making connections (and changes) faster than a networking pro jacked up on caffeine. 

Give up a food that’s no longer serving you

Not to piggyback on the last one but yes totally piggybacking, once you connect the dots and realize that maybe almonds aren’t doing you any favors (even the unsalted, unflavored, raw kind), it can be tough to give them up.

Whether it’s a reluctance to admit that maybe you and white bread don’t go together like PB&J or complete and utter confusion about how to actually eat gluten-free, making a change to your diet can feel overwhelming.

You’re not sure what gluten even is. You didn’t know your go-to beer was packed with gluten. And all those gluten-free crackers and chips are totally healthy because they’re gluten-free, right?

With a health coach on your side, you can keep on living in a post-cheese world where it feels like everything, even your mouse, is made of cheese. 

Get more energy

Okay, admittedly, this one sounds pretty generic. Kind of like: “Get more organized.” Because that pile of papers on your desk isn’t going to file itself.

But a lot of people feel super dragged out at work. And they don’t know why. They think maybe it’s because their job sucks the life out of them. (Maybe.)

Or maybe it’s because you’re not eating breakfast. Or you’re skipping lunch. Or you’re eating a bread sandwich (that would be a sandwich made totally of bread, not just a sandwich made with bread, because I’m sure something like that exists somewhere) mid-day. Maybe you’re just not eating.

Whatever is dragging you down, a health coach can pull you out of the grasp of those energy vampires. But maybe not if it’s a coworker who’s always asking for your opinion and them not taking your advice. Although I could give you some advice on how not to let that shit bother you…

Make better choices

Jeez, they’re getting more generic as we go…

Listen, I know you know what a better choice is. But sometimes we’re faced with so many choices, it can feel impossible to know which one is the better (or best) choice.

Like when you’re at the grocery store and all you want is some yogurt but there is literally an entire wall of yogurt options and they’re all screaming something at you — low fat! low sugar! fruit on to the bottom! fruit on the top! all natural! — all you want to do is curl up in the fetal position and never eat yogurt again.

Or maybe you’ve been out of all the office all day and haven’t had a chance to eat but you’re getting kind of hungry but aren’t sure where to eat because it feels like there’s no good options. Like, can you even get real food at the gas station? Should you order your burrito with the flour or corn tortilla?

Sometimes it’s all about making the best choice in the moment, and a health coach can be that little angel (devil?) on your shoulder motivating you, encouraging you to do the right thing.

Develop a healthy habit

Maybe there’s something you’ve always wanted to do but just haven’t been able to crack. We’re not talking about climbing Mount Everest, running an ultramarathon on every continent, or telling your boss what you really think of her idea.

It could be something like:

  • Stop drinking diet pop (fine, soda)
  • Stop skipping lunch
  • Get up from your desk once an hour.

You know eating breakfast every day would stop you from getting so hangry by 9 a.m. that your coworkers purposefully avoid walking by your cubicle. But sometimes, even if you know what to do, actually doing it feels impossible.

A health coach can provide that extra accountability you need to stick to that healthy habit, even if you haven’t been able to stick to it before.

What are you trying to do differently in 2018? And is working with a health coach the answer to actually doing it differently?

So glad you asked!

Here’s a personal invitation to hop on the phone with me to see how working together could make 2018 the year you do hard things. Like prioritize your health and kick ass like the badass you are.