You know when you find something you like you just keep going back to it?

Maybe it’s a favorite song that always pumps you up for that dreaded Monday morning staff meeting. Maybe it’s an oversized sweater that wards off the office AC and your snarky coworker’s unsolicited criticism. Maybe it’s a go-to lunch that keeps you feeling freakin’ boss till you sprint out the door at 5 p.m.

While I’ve totally got all of these things, I get super excited about smoothies.

Shocker, right?

This smoothie is one I’ve been enjoying practically every day. It’s ah-mazing post-run, post-beach, post-work, post-yoga, post-whenever-the-hell-I-want-it. 

And it may have been dubbed “the best smoothie ever” by my not-incredibly-difficult-to-please boyfriend. He’s started requesting this one. When given the choice between this one and his old mainstay, a monkey, he’s started opting for this one.

I think we’ve got a winner.

Let’s break down what makes this smoothie awesome:

  • Cocoa powder — You know I love my chocolate, and it loves me back with minerals and flavonoids that protect my immune system. It’s also got some caffeine for a little boost and those feel-good chemicals for a big mood boost. 
  • Hemp seeds — A favorite around these parts for their plant-powered protein (three tablespoons will net you about 10 grams) but also for their healthy fats and minerals. 
  • Maple syrup — My go-to sweetener for so many reasons beyond just the fact that it’s delicious. It’s a natural form of sugar packed with antioxidants and inflammatories that’s also lower on the Glycemic Index (buh-bye, blood sugar spike). Also a hero for people with sensitive little digestive systems. 

It’s relatively simple with a short ingredient list and nothing that screams “AWESOME!” But just wait until you taste it. I think you’ll agree that — even if it’s not really the best smoothie ever — it’s pretty damn delicious and you’re gonna wanna add it to your regular smoothie rotation. 


Now, I wanna know: Do you have a go-to smoothie? A go-to cold-and-criticism-deflecting sweater? A song that makes you feel like you can conquer the world?

Right now, this is totally my go-to smoothie (surprise, I know), I’ve got a giant black cardigan that’s been with me through thick and thin, and I could listen to Kings of Leon croon “Pickup Truck” all day long. Or “I Am Not a Robot” by Marina and the Diamonds. Or “Konstantine” by Something Corporate…okay, I could do this all day…

Let’s compare notes!