I don’t make decisions easily (#libralife), I don’t take them lightly, and the decision I made two years ago felt like a life changer. 

You see, I was absolutely miserable. I hated my job.

Not in the way everyone says they hate their jobs. Like, crying-in-the-bathroom-on-a-random-Tuesday-afternoon hated my job. Like, so-depressed-I-can’t-get-out-of-bed hated my job.

And I knew it was time to do something about it. 

So, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and started training to become a certified health coach.

I didn’t know where it would take me or what my life would look like — all I knew was that it was time for a change.

I was tired of sitting at my sad little desk with my sad little motivational quotes (or, more accurately, Dilbert cartoons because someone totally got what working in an office was all about).

I’d already done a pretty massive overhaul of my lifestyle. Just ask my boyfriend about the progression of my diet. When we first met, I was still in my daily Diet Coke habit. Then, I moved to the yogurt-and-banana (he used to get a real kick out of how I said this) phase. And, eventually, I transitioned to a real foods kind of diet. 

(There’s been lots of changes within that real foods thing as I’ve learned more and more about nutrition and what my body needs. Lessons learned, my friend.)

Because I was tired of leftover catered lunches being the best part of my day. (Did I ever tell you about that time I literally puked in the bathroom, too? That was a new experience, and one I didn’t want to repeat ever again.)

My life was filled with more fast food than real food, more booze-filled date nights than Medjool dates, and more loaded baked potatoes than oven-roasted sweet potatoes.

I was a little obsessive about what I ate. I’m pretty sure my calorie tracker was the most-used app on my phone. In my defense, that was before everyone and their mom’s friend’s sister’s next-door neighbor’s dog had an iPhone.

I used a fitness tracker, too, so I could be extra sure I counted every last step (just in case my phone quit on me mid-run, which was, like, the worst thing ever).

And you know I’ve always struggled with digestive issues. My sensitive stomach and I go way back. Mad dashes to the bathroom in high school. Bridesmaids-style gas station bathroom barge ins. Super stretchy sweat pants to give my food baby room to grow. (These are all that fits me right now…)

I mean, honestly, I was tired of feeling like shit.

It took years, my friend. And it was not always easy. Sure, drastic overnight overhauls are doable. But are they sustainable? I’m inclined to think not so much…

When we make gradual, well-intentioned, well-thought-out changes, we give our bodies time to adjust, and we give ourselves time to understand if those changes are right for us.

Anyway, I became like a wellness-at-work poster child. If that poster existed. Which I kind of think it should now that I think about it.

I was that coworker you hate/admire — you know, both at the same time. Revered disgust. 

I had jars of green smoothies on my desk. I had vials of essential oils I whipped out from time to time. I brought my own food to working lunches, to meetings, and on trips. I made special requests for healthier food all the time. I Heisman-trophied the donuts and cookies and brownies and ice cream. 

I was that coworker sitting in the afternoon meeting with wet hair because I went to the gym on my lunch break. (My hair was wet because I showered, not because I was a sweaty beast. Although…I am a sweater…so…yeah.) I sat on a yoga ball instead of a chair. I recruited coworkers for bootcamp and crossfit classes. I ran half marathons in my spare time.

I was a healthy badass.

And all of this was great. It was awesome.

But I had this feeling like it still wasn’t enough.

I was constantly stressed out, which was basically undoing all my healthy badassery. And, with some tough love and poking and prodding from my own health coach, I started to pay closer attention to what was causing me stress and what I could do about it.

Like…I was weighing myself daily. And it was super stressful, waiting for that number to pop up. I was trying to make dinner every night, instead of doubling or tripling a recipe and relying on leftovers. And I was freakin’ out over this job.

So, there I was, two years ago, sitting in my car about to make a decision to take control of my life. Because I realized that I had the power to make a change. I had already proved it to myself by cleaning up my diet and making exercise an essential. 

I knew that I was destined for more than unnecessary meetings, sneaking cookies from the break room, and hoping and praying I got to actually leave at five o’clock. I deserved more than  going through the motions — wake up, survive day, crash on couch, sleep, repeat, repeat, repeat.

I wanted nothing more to be happy and to do something that I actually enjoyed. And I decided that becoming a health coach was the thing so that I could show other people how to be the boss of their diet while being a total badass boss in the office.

To sum up: I hated my job. I was already passionate about health and wellness. I realized I had the power to make a change. So I became a health coach to help others make empowering, healthy changes.

If you’re feeling like now is a good time to make a change or you’re ready to be a healthy badass, let’s talk! I have five spots on my calendar this week for (free!) Healthy in a Hot Second calls so we can figure out what gradual, well-intentioned, well-thought-out change would be awesome for you right now.