I shared a snap of a salad on Instagram a while back, and more than one person questioned one of my ingredients.

Not a question like, “Why the hell would you use that?” Or “What were you even thinking???” Or “Who taught you to cook?”

No, they wanted to know how I had prepared the ingredient in question.

They said they’d tried it before, but it never came out good. It tasted awful. The texture was off. It looked disgusting.

Care to venture a guess what I’m talking about?

Nope, not tofu. Good guess though.

It’s tempeh! Tofu’s…cousin? Twice removed? On its dad’s side?

Let’s get this out of the way before we go any further:

  • Tempeh is fermented soy. 
  • I use it to add some bulk to plant-y dishes.
  • I think it’s an excellent source of plant protein, and it’s good for your gut. 
  • I kinda sorta taught myself to cook. 

I think we both know I’m no professional chef. But I have figured out a way that I can happily eat tempeh without gagging.

One of my favorite ways to do that is this recipe, for lack of a better word. Really, it’s just some crumbled up tempeh flavored with a bunch of spices and cooked on the stove.

But it’s good. And it’s a good substitute for taco meat. 

It’s plant-y, it’s nut-free, it’s dairy-free, it’s gluten-free. And it’s delicious. 

 tempeh taco meat recipe

…And to go with that non-recipe recipe, here’s what I did with that delicious tempeh!

 tempeh taco salad recipe

Now — print out this recipe! Make it, eat it, repeat it!