Everyone and their sister’s aunt’s accountant is talking about coconut oil. It’s a miracle superfood that does just about everything - except maybe make a grocery list for you. It’s also a tree nut, and some of us can’t have those.

It’s easy to think, “Welp, I’m allergic to coconut and, since I have to eat coconut to live a healthy, kick-ass life, I’m just gonna go ahead and throw in the towel now. I’ll be over here with my cheesy poufs and hard cider.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Not so fast, my friend! 

You don’t have to go cuckoo for coconut to be in to wellness. And the belief that you do? It’s kind of setting you up for failure.

You know how you get FOMO when everyone else is talking about their awesome spring break vacays with their kids but you were the poor sucker who HAD TO hold down the fort and were basically chained to your desk for two weeks?

You’re probably feeling that way when everyone is talking about coconut oil (or unsweetened shredded coconut or MCT oil or coconut meat or coconut water or coconut milk or some other fancy pants coconut product you don’t even know about ‘cuz YOU CAN’T HAVE IT).

They’re raving about how full they feel after putting coconut oil or MCT oil in their morning green smoothie. They’re doing that annoying hair whip thing all over so you can see how luscious their weekly coconut oil hair mask is making their locks. They’re sprinkling coconut shreds all over their smoothie bowls and overnight oats and leaving coconut shreds’s like Hansel and Gretel except with coconut.

Honestly? You’re super annoyed about this whole coconut-is-the-answer-to-everything-that-ails-you thing. You’re tired of hearing about it. You know it’s not going to work for you so you make the (not-so-logical) leap that nothing healthy is going to work for you.

And that’s where the problem lies.

Yep, the miracle-that-is-coconut is everywhere. And you’ve wholeheartedly embraced the belief that coconut oil is a miracle that works for everyone so you’d better give up before you even start because it doesn’t work for you. You follow that circular logic?

Best to not even try to get healthy if this healthy thing that works for EVERYONE isn’t going to work for you.

Friend, you’ve fallen in to the one-size-fits-all trap.

And that’s a bad place to be.

Here’s how to know if you’re in that place and what do do about it.

1. You spend hours scrolling through Instagram, crying over those coconut flour muffins you can’t have.

If you spend more time lamenting over what you CAN’T have (or don’t WANT to have) than actually having other things, you’re in that place. You’re stuck in FOMO land. You’re giving in to the belief that it’s all or nothing.

It’s all coconut all the time. Or it’s no coconut and no good healthy juju vibes for you.

Not true. You don’t have to eat coconut or do what everyone else is doing to be healthy. #mythbusted

That’s like admitting to your boss that there’s only one way to answer the phone. When we all know there’s countless ways to do that simple thing.

2. Spend a little time educating yo’self.

I know I got super frustrated when I was looking at recipes and everything seemed to involve coconut in SOME form. I immediately discarded all of those recipes. 

You know what would have been a better idea? Looking up some good substitutes. Like, what’s similar to coconut oil that I could use to make these blueberry muffins? Instead of coconut flour, I wonder if I could try out almond flour? 

Spend some time doing some research. Figure out what coconut is doing in that recipe and look for similar ingredients that would accomplish a similar result. Google is your friend. 

3. Have fun with it.

Having fun when thinking about your food allergies or sensitivities or what have you probably isn’t your first thought. But it’s a good thought.

Use it as an opportunity to experiment. To see what you like. To see what you don’t like. To see what works. To see what doesn’t work. To see how what you’re trying makes you feel.

There’s this thing called beginner’s mind where you approach things like OMG THIS IS BRAND-NEW INFORMATION AND IT’S PROBABLY THE GREATEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN. (Not a legit definition.)

If you’re stuck feeling sorry for yourself or adhering to that all-or-nothing philosophy, you’re not having fun. And no one wants that, am I right?

I’ve got a super easy solution for you. It’s kind of a two-parter. First, toss that outdated belief in the trash like last week’s leftover Thai takeout. Right on top of that unused jar of coconut oil. (Well, maybe gift that jar to a friend who swears by coconut oil for her cuticles.)

Next? Sub in some cocoa butter if that sounds fun. (Maybe not for a hair mask though. Anyway, this isn’t a beauty blog so I can’t even advise you on that…) Same glorious fatty content, less fear of anaphylactic shock. 


If you need a little more coconut FOMO therapy, I can help you get past it (or any other one-size-fits-all shit) by figuring out what works for you. Check out Health. Simplified. where you’ll learn how to decide what actually feels good for you and your body! All coconutty things be damned!